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Candidate Achievement Tracking System

An effective and efficient centre administration resource that enables users to track the achievement of candidates and students.

CATS Tracks
CATS' ability to cross-reference information as soon as it's inputted saves so much time and means information can be tracked in many different ways.

CATS Records
Include comprehensive candidate, assessor, and verifier histories, progress and meetings, workplaces, time spent, financial information, non-VQ qualifications, training attendance.

CATS Reports
Specific and general reports for management, inspection and audit requirements that are accurate, current and comprehensive – all can easily be extracted from CATS.

CATS Plans
Planning is essential for effective and efficient achievement of awards, qualifications and training. CATS' individual award plans are designed to show past, present and future targets.

CATS Collates
CATS holds information in one place, which minimises repetition of tasks, reduces paperwork and saves time. Efficiency comes through simplification and effectiveness from the refocusing of resources.

CATS Monitors
CATS monitors diverse aspects of a centre's operation (eg equal rights, service areas, workplaces, etc) to enable comparisons on efficient assessment access to training and cost-effectiveness. CPD monitoring can also be covered using information from CATS.

CATS Motivates
By reducing time spent tracking, staff are free to support candidates; increased efficiency means that assessment time is reduced, which leads to retention and achievement.

Above all, CATS is easy to use!
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