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Improved space saving
By storing candidates’ assessments on a PC and/or CD, the need for large storage areas is massively reduced.

Electronic portfolio development

e-folio stores evidence and enables this to be cross-referenced to the award by assessors and candidates. It’s very easy to use and has the following advantages:

Improved efficiency
e-folio reduces the amount of time spent on recording, storing, collating and retrieving information essential to the assessment process.

Improved inspection results
e-folio ‘Is clearer than a paper-based approach as the process is transparent’ (IV). It is easy to see how a candidate has achieved competence and how assessment judgements have been reached.

Improved effectiveness through motivation and retention
Centres claim that once familiar with its operation, e-folio is capable of saving up to 50% of the time taken by assessment e-folio also speeds up the verification process. This combination leads to greater candidate and assessor motivation, which in turn results in staff retention.

Improved monitoring through easy to understand reports
e-folio reports analyse all aspects of the assessment process. Progress, methods used, cross-referencing, etc, can all be seen at a glance.

Improved control through availability of management information
Candidates, assessors, IVs and EVs can get a quick achievement summary by looking at the progress matrix. More detailed information can be accessed by simply clicking on various screens (awards, evidence list, assessor and IV notes, etc).

Improved tracking and reporting
e-folio links to CATS to ensure efficient tracking and reporting on all aspects of the assessment process.

Improved programme support for candidates
Let’s not forget the candidates. After all, they are what the whole process is about. The use of alternative media engages candidates in different ways, thereby increasing motivation.
e-folio can speed up the recording and assessment of evidence and competence dramatically, thus increasing a candidate’s confidence to complete their award.

e-folio  graphic