GizWare Systems Ltd

e-folio and CATS are currently being used in centres across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Germany.

Organisations include:

  • National Health Trusts
  • Colleges of Higher and Further Education
  • Social Services
  • Training Organisations
  • Local Authorities
  • Workforce Development Confederatia
  • Residential and Nursing Homes
  • Universities
  • Probation
  • Housing Associations
  • Early Years Partnerships

There are 100s of accredited users assessing and tracking thousands of candidates.
S/NVQs, FMAs, Technical Certificates and other qualifications are being assessed and tracked using e-folio and CATS with over 400 qualifications, including the following occupations:

Care, Early Years, Playwork, Management, Training, Construction, Air Control, Passenger Services, Administration, Sales, Engineering, Hairdressing, Horticulture, Insurance, IT, Pharmacy Services, Museums, Transportation, Waste Management, Youth Services, Vehicle Services, Special Needs, Mental Health, Teaching Support, Outdoor Education, Sport and Recreation, Distribution, Decorating, Woodworking and many many more. . .