GizWare Systems Ltd

"e-folio demonstrates effective use of developing technology to enable centres to support assessment in appropriate ways."
Awarding Body

"e-folio makes the process easier and more transparent and that has to be a good thing." External Verifier

"From a Quality point of view is that I am happy for centres to use any system that manages tracking and achievement well."
Quality Assurance Manager, Awarding Body

"The time saved by using e-folio means that the initial investment, both cost and time, has been recouped in the first year."
Internal Verifier, NHS

"I really enjoyed the CATS training, so simple and easy to follow."
NHS NVQ Administrator

"I love my CATS. I can produce the information my EV wants at the click of the mouse." Centre Manager

"CATS has enabled us to improve our systems enormously."
IV, Training Organisation